Item collection 2635576 original

Juliet Millinery Buckram Frame for Hat Making


Item collection 2635591 original

Medium Round Buckram Millinery Hat Frame Foundation


Item collection 2635472 original

Small Round Buckram Millinery Hat Frame


Item collection 2635572 original

Tiny Tear Drop Buckram Frame Millinery Hat Foundation


Item collection 7119679 original

Pointy Dome Millinery Buckram Hat Frame


Item collection 2635410 original

Black Multi Color Chenille Dot Millinery Hat Veiling Veil


Item collection 2635515 original

White buckram oval dome millinery hat frame


Item collection 2635531 original

White Buckram Cupula Millinery Hat Frame


Item collection 3756582 original

Oval Buckram Millinery Hat Frame Form for Hatmaking


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closing my hat shop. reimagining the studio

Hi! I'm closing my hat shop. If you have shopped for your millinery and hat supplies at Hatshadows - that was me putting your order together.
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